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April 4, 2011
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sallee design v3 by LeMex sallee design v3 by LeMex
sallee design as changed skin! Newer, fresher and cooler

Even if it does look like a single website, in fact it is 4 of them. it's a decision I made a while ago. I know it's not good for loading purposes and also flexibility updating it. But I have my reasons, mainly because I change of website like socks. Once every 3 mont.

Technical aspects:

home page: Static page. Totally hand crafted from design and code (html/css/jquery). Use of 960.js
protfolio page: Worpress Theme. Totally hand crafted from design and code (html/php/css). Use of 960.js and isotope
resources page: Wordpress theme page. Totally hand crafted from design and code (html/css/php/jquery). Use of nivo slider
photoblog page: Tumblr theme. Totally hand crafted from design and code (html/css/jquery/tumblr api). Use of 960.js

Extensive use of css3, webkit-transitions and animations. The websites look amazing on webkit based browsers. Transitions and animations are nearly inexistent in firefox since css3 based animations and transitions are used. Not even tested on internet explorer, and I don't care... They will probably appear ugly in ie6 (png transparency ftw!!!), mediem in ie7 and kinda ok on ie8 and I guess ie9 will deal with it better. Anyway ie can go to hell

Soon to be made:

a complete redesign of resources page
an about/contact page
a resume page


I think I've learnt a LOT during this complete redesign. I've tried to keep html very semantical and use the most I could after and before parameters in css. All that I could do in css (arrows, circles, simple icons etc) I tried to do it. Resulting on extremely low graphic sites. Some improvements are to be made of course, but I'm pretty happy with what I did.

PS: 960.js is definitely AWESOME. To be used eyes closed on every design to my oppinion.
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silent-Princee Apr 9, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
nice work ! :)
Haha love it! I don't know why I'm easily amused with the changing color, creative and playful. Can't wait to dive in the code and figure out how it works. My guess is it's a combination of javascript and CSS3. Don't worry, not stealing, just like learning how things work.
LeMex Apr 5, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
no worries man. U can steal it I don't mind it's pretty basic. It's just class changes. And I did it in an horrible way, since the good sence would tell you to create an array of color classes names in jquery and then just on click on the button go forwards in this array to change the classes (body class and some llink classes so they turn the right color).
GamerWorld14 Apr 4, 2011  Student Interface Designer
Amazing. It looks great! So how does make that much of a difference? I know it makes a general table of everything, but wouldn't that make the design more confusing? Or am I misunderstanding how it works... ;)
LeMex Apr 5, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
960 brings fastness to your developpement. You don't really think a bout dimentions and stuff since 960 did it for you. I don't use the basic one because I think the gutters of 10px is way to little and I like beathing sites.

As for an example of what it brings look at my home page. You'll see 3 cirles and then 4. That's really quick to set up with 960. I think it just brings a cleaner html at the end.

You should try it!
GamerWorld14 Apr 5, 2011  Student Interface Designer
I think I may have to give it a try. I have never made a site that's up on the web yet, and I hope to have some time to do so soon. Thanks for the explanation! :D
Damn that looks nice! :D
LeMex Apr 5, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
thx mate!!! :hug: glad u liked them!
4 in 1 :D
I really like it!
LeMex Apr 5, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
thx :hug:
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