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Mon Apr 18, 2011, 6:38 AM
It's been month I'm waiting to get from some friends a dribbble invite, but unfortunately didn't get one yet. SO I just create an account as a prospect to be a player ;)

Here's my dribbble page in case you wanna follow me :)

PS: working on a complete redesin on my whole corporate identity. More soon ;)

Surely my last journal...

Wed Apr 6, 2011, 7:34 PM
Hello! haven't done a new css journal in a while and finally I made up my mind to make a new one. Still gotta see the thumbs but so far so good, this is what I was aiming for. 100% pure css, with nice font and spaces :)

Soon my premium membership is going to end, and unfortunately I'm not planning on renewing it. I had subscribed mainly because of the journal css, but to be honest I'm really disappointed by the css customization of da lately. It takes for ever to setup even a ultra basic html. Some weird stuff always happen. 80% of css3 is unavailable and da just spits some erros for them. simple ul lists, background stacks, column-count, after and before arguments, webkit-transition, (etc etc), all of this is impossible to use. No right method to be testing your journal except with the preview button. The new styling window is just HORRIBLE and makes my chrome go crazy.... It's just too limited :) That's why I think this will be my last journal.

Anyway I hope you do like it :)

Louvre by night 3 by LeMexsunset on the louvre by LeMexparis view 2 by LeMex

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Tue Mar 15, 2011, 2:45 AM
I got a DD in photography!!!!!

Louvre by night 3 by LeMex

Thx to all of you for your kind word and support :hug:

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Getting into video

Tue Jan 18, 2011, 5:43 PM
I've been recently playing a lot video HD filming with my photography camera. In order to get the basics into filming and editing and also to get used to my camera and the manual focus, I've been making little artistic video projects. The result is 2 videos than I'm happy to share with you!

Asleep From Day
Little exercise into fast motions, importing properly your videos, editing and deep color correction in premiere pro.

Frozen To Myself
My first video ever. Just playing randomly around with the camera. The editing was horrible,  hadn't a clue of the controls and my video import was awful giving me an impossible to edit project in premiere.

As a side note. I'm sure some of you have noticed I've been submitting a lot of pictures lately. I'm really spending much more time lately in pictures and video than properly design, and I really enjoy it. So I though I should start showing some of my photography work too. But do not worry, I will continue of course designing and giving you css, wallpapers and stuff...

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Hello my name is Jeremy, I am a web and graphic designer. I am into clean, modern and usable design

My professional portfolio
I've finally made my professional portfolio. It is intentionally minimal with just (for the moment) 4 works. I want to keep it like that since it's my professional portfolio and I just want to be showing serious/professional projects. The resume will come very soon :)

New journal
Well this journal is directly inspired by the new website style and I'm not sure I will be releasing this one because it's my visual identity and I don't think it would be wise to spread it :)

I've reached 100k views since I started to be active in da (2 years ago) :la:
So thx to all of you for your kind support and words :hug: :hug:
btw I don't know what's happening this past few days, I've been having a bunch of visits and I haven't been uploading anything... Someone featuring me somewhere, but couldn't find it :p

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November 2010 flickr slideshow

Sat Dec 4, 2010, 8:43 AM
It's been now since january 2010 I make some photography. Since a couple of month, I've been doing a monthly slideshow with a selection of my average of 2000-3000 pictures taken in a month... I though it's time I'll be sharing this monthly slideshows with you. So here it is!

November slideshow Fall in paris...

Check alo the previous one...
october slideshow
september slideshow
august slideshow
july slideshow

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Capharnaum is live!

Fri Dec 3, 2010, 3:47 AM
I am very proud to present you Capharnaüm

It's been a while I wanted to launch an inspirational blog with some friends, to be showing to the people what inspire us on a daily basis.  This last week I made that idea a concrete project and finally launched

It is a tumblr theme. Heavy usage of javascript is used and the blog come with these features:

:bulletblack: usage of masonry jquery plugin
:bulletblack: fluid layout with 3 or 4 columns
:bulletblack: all pages are loaded in the main page, avoiding passages to new pages and making a nice mashup of images with masonry.
:bulletred: no ie. i haven't even tried it on it. And I won't :)

PS: go and click on the footer buttons for the completely unusefull feature of the site :p

Hope you will enjoying, and if you like it, you can suscribe to the rss of the site or it's twitter.

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Thu Dec 2, 2010, 2:20 AM
I've been playing since a week on tumblr and already created a theme (secret for the moment, but will reveal the link soon ;))

I think the customization of themes is pretty well done in tumblr. yes you cannot do so evolved themes like in wordpress, tumblr is less flexible and requires a lot of javascript to tweak their basic setups into new ones.

But appart from that I think it is a perfect platform for massive blogs or simple websites! Why? The posting system is amazingly simple. You can really post things easly and quickly. In wordpress it's always a little longer, even in the simpler themes.

I will be surely working on a free theme, more soon ;)

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Notes journal

Sat Nov 27, 2010, 6:22 AM
A very minimal journal
This is just a test journal, to get an ultra minimal journal on your page. It is completely intended for punctual short communication.... Ideal for lazy guys

Ready? get it here

notes minimal journal by LeMex

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Notes journal

Sat Nov 27, 2010, 6:04 AM
Some title
Some test to get an ultra minimal journal to be writting stuff very quiclkly and short.
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DA and journals

Fri Nov 26, 2010, 2:06 PM

Since I suscribed to DA, I always thought that personalizing your journal was an awesome feature! It is indeed really nice to be personalizing your page. Even if the html structure of skinning a journal is to me poorly done and give very limited combination to developers and designers, I've always thought all the turnovers you had to take on the code were worth it.

Lately, some AWESOME features have been coming out in css3 like stacking many box-shadows even in inset, using box displays, and even animations for webkit. Unfortunately DA is not following up those awesome features and half of css3 is forbidden in journal skinning... So frustrating... I understand there is security reasons under all this, but I personally think it is time DA makes something about customizing your profile a little better than what they give...

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ultra minimal journal skin

Wed Nov 10, 2010, 1:13 PM
Input any punchline here!

Since my last journal, I've realised I liked very simple minimal journals. So today I wanted to do a new one and came up with this one. The main advantage of it is it's simplicity. No need to use any div or other tags in the journal text. Just type in your text and eventually use bold tags for titles. It can't be harder!

I hope you like it!
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Get it now!

ultra minimal by LeMex

some other title
Some more text here before finalising the journal.

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Hopefully active again

Thu Nov 4, 2010, 4:22 AM
your business tagline
My name is Jeremy and I'm a webdesigner!

Helloooooo mates!!!!!

It's been a while I haven't posted anything here, or that I've been just active in DA. Hopefully this is going to change soon!

To be honest I've been spending all my free time in photography and I took my design time a little out. Of course I've been doing my regular job and still designing and coding during regular hours. But latelly I've been producing quite a bunch of websites (wordpress, tumblr, static) that I will be showing soon. I'm refactoring all my website/world and I will be releasing 5 things:

A splash page to enter on sallee design world
A professional website with just professional work example and a resume
A resource website where ALL my wallpapers and icon sets will be there for you to download easily and quicly
A photography website
A blog

Most of it is nearly done, but patiente, I will be giving the links very very soon ;)

After I will be correcting my journals that are still broken (yes otis I will correct pimp up your da).

And of course I want to be releasing new wallpapers or an icon pack

And finally I've got just a BUNCH of practice designs I've been doing in my mac and that I haven't showed here. I might sell a couple here.

skin by lemex
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journal problems

Sun Sep 12, 2010, 12:13 PM
your business tagline
My name is Jeremy and I'm a webdesigner!

My hosting server seems to be down since morere than a week, and all the imagfe hosting of 70% of my journals is broken. So don't be surprised if you're experiencing problems with my journals :(

Unfortunately I have very few backups and if I can't get back my files, I'll have to be erasing most of my journals here in da, or take the time to correct all of them, but it's a ****** pain in the ass...

As most of you may have also noticed I've been very quiet lately. I've been very out of design for a while, enjoying my new passion photography, where I'm getting pretty good :) But I'm getting a couple of new ideas latelly and will be hopefully starting a couple of design project on the next weeks. I'm gonna be doing some tumblr themes, and trying out a lots of new css 3 tricks. Maybe a little journal will come in the way.

skin by lemex
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birthday (and blog)

Wed Jun 9, 2010, 3:07 AM
your business tagline
My name is Jeremy and I'm a webdesigner!

It’s been 28 wonderfull years on this beautifull planet! I love you all

My new blog

salleeawesome is online!
I have opened a new blog!!!! It is based a little like tumblr and/or facebook. To be putting news/photos/quote/video/music posts and share them with people.

The design is not finished, because I want to explore all the possibilities of wordpress and single post design on it, and make it eviolve with time, but it is already looking pretty good. I hope you will like it.

Hint: check the home page and then my last post about my birthday and you'll see that background is changing with the post!!!!! :eager:

skin by lemex
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print me journal demo

Mon May 31, 2010, 5:34 PM
your business tagline
Input your punchline here!

Hello folks, and welcome to print me css journal. This journal is free to use, but will need a premium account for it to work on your profile. With that said, let's get to the journal itself.

This journal is directly inspired from all those minimalistic designs with huge printing influences that are getting more and more trendy now a days. Most of the design is made with typography variations and of course the beautifull only existing serif websafe font, Georgia!

what you can do?

You can change nearly everything in the design by hand, except the little flame logo on the top right. Put your personal/business name on top of the journal. Link your readers to your favorites websites and input a huge punchline on top of the journal to bring the attention to your readers.

The rest is pretty classic. You can add text, titles and huge titles and nice features.

Features example

Sallee Design v1 by LeMexdeviantart wood by LeMexboke pulse by LeMex

»huge title example

In any text you can add with normal html tags, bold text (b tag), italic text (i tag) and underline text (u tag). Links are red

I hope you like it, and will enjoy it :).

Side notes

I'm not very happy about some stuff on the journal. Especially titles colors, main body links and little details like that. So I would ask you to be a little patiente for the release ;) Surely tomorrow!
All as been tested under ie7+ and I didn't notice any problem, but if you do let me know!
I'm planning to release this one creditless normally ;)

skin by lemex
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100% css journal!!

Sun May 30, 2010, 5:47 PM
web made clean
I am Jeremy and I'm a web designer.

I've been playing this last few days on the last css3 tricks like transitions and transfomations, or background clipping and stuff.

It's amazing what you can do and I got to say CSS is going pretty fast this days, and the webkit is making amazing progresses on css3.

I wonder if one day ie is going to try to make something about all this. Personnally, I'm using less and less ressources on my designs, and most of it is coded with css (box shadows and bevels, font embedding, text shadow, round corners...). It ooks good on most browsers and it looks ok in ie. Fair deal :)

This journal

Anyway, since I've been using all those trick, I thought, why no test them in da. Unfortunately most of it is not usable in da, and the preview button will just spit errors on your face. BUT the box-shadow css propriety is working! And thats a really good new! Combines wisely with border-radius and border-top you can imagine all type of combination to make real good looking boxes with JUST css!

Really usefull for here in da that is width resizable. No more cutting corners and tiling up your graphic ressource. Pure css is enought.

So here's my first shot @ this, with a 100% css journal. Not a single ressource is embedded!

» Oh still gotta test this in ie

Make huge features!

Sallee Design v1 by LeMexdeviantart wood by LeMexboke pulse by LeMexoffice icons download by silencemiraIcecream icon set by MiniartxPS Blueprint project by iAmFreeman:thumb160018545::thumb155376181::thumb154657880::thumb136236473:

That's it folks, hope u like it!

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DA v7 and mac pro!

Wed May 19, 2010, 5:46 AM

I had the pleasant surprise this morning login in DA to see the v7 was out. For the moment all good, the journals don't seem to be broken, neither custom boxes! I'm not too found yet of the new version though. I find the fonts way too dark on a deviation page. And the new comment bubble is not enought discrete to me :) The new gallery browsing is pretty good, like the new way of opening a deviation page. I got a say it's a nice evolution and they did a pretty good job. Let's hope they'll be correcting stuff with user feedbacks :)

Mac pro

I got a brand new mac pro today!!! Installed adobe cs5 master collection, and Lightroom 3 in beta test, and for the moment it's a real pleasure to be on that machine. Fast and silent!

For all the windows lovers out there, I've had to take mac because my company is planning to make iphone applications and having a mac is better for dealing with the whole production chain of mac softwares for the iphone. I also didn't pay a cent/dime/penny for this machine, so I can't complain :D

Some of my photography
bubbles by salleephotographymontmartre drawer by salleephotographyman walking by salleephotographynotre dame candles by salleephotography

skin by LeMex
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Fri Apr 9, 2010, 3:32 PM

Time for vacations!!!!!!!!!! :eager:

Tomorrow I'll be hitting the road for 17 days. I'm planing to hitch hick as much as I can and the rest will be done in bus! The plan is to pass through Toulouse, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Sevilla and the south of spain in general, and come back to madrid! Chill, meet people, party and do just a little of tourism. I got friends on all of those cities so it should be fun!!!! And of course take pictures like craaazy!

I'll be trying to keep a blog on my last theme organica and I'll reveal the link on a journal during the vacacions once I've updated it with some content ;)

Sorry in advance if I will not be replying to requests, questions or comments in general, time for rest is finally here!!!!!

Some of my photography

All for the art by salleephotographythe road to enlighment by salleephotography

skin by LeMex
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Organica free wordpress theme

Thu Apr 8, 2010, 6:59 AM

Hello Folks :la: :la:

Good new for you!!!! I have been working this past two days, during my free time, on a wordpress theme that will be totally FREE!!! :eager:

I am still working on it, and will beta test it for a couple of days, but the main is finally done! And it looks good! :la:

The is plenty of features in it, everything is entirely configurable through the admin dashboard on wordpress. Like connecting the home slider to certain categories, excluding pages from the menu, excluding categories from the blog par, connecting up to 11 social networks on the footer, defining an autoslide on the slider, widgetized sidebar....

I will try to make a very detailed tutorial on how to set up everything so it will be easy to use! And of course it works on ie7!!!!!!! (no ie6 sorry folks...).

Let me know if you like it ;)

Some of my photography

My photography account  :iconsalleephotography:
All for the art by salleephotographybaldy by salleephotographytha skater by salleephotographyplastic scream by salleephotographyid photographer by salleephotographyarc of triomphe HDR by salleephotographystreet place italie by salleephotographylouvre pyramid by salleephotographyarc of triomphe vintage by salleephotography

skin by LeMex
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